Legal Capacity Consequences

The American Bar Association defines 'legal capacity' as "the ability to perform a task – or make a decision. State laws set out the standards of legal capacity.

Are Your Assets Protected?

Asset protection is more important than ever before. Today, you have risks at every turn. Lawsuits, high cost of long-term care, auto, home accidents, years of Probate.

Is a Gun Trust Necessary?

A Gun Trust is a type of Trust similar to a Living Trust that takes ownership of your firearms and ensures an orderly and legal transfer of the guns at your death.

alt="Disaster preparedness"

Disaster Protection for Your Security

Disaster intrudes into our lives without any warning in most instances. Therefore, be prepared and protect yourself.

Your Summer Checklist

A checklist helps to ensure there are no gaps in your health care, financial, insurance, or estate plan documents. Are your agents outdated because of age, disability, or residence?

POD and TOD Account Disadvantages

What are POD and TODs? They are helpful in certain situations; however, there are critical limitations and risks associated with using them. Discover the advantages and disadvantages.

George Halas Prince, and a Chicago Cop

What could those three people possibly have in common? Horrendous estate planning. Avoid massive headaches and expenses for your family, and give yourself peace of mind now.

Know Your Health Care Rights

We have all experienced the health care system. Honestly, can you say you are looking forward to your next experience? Part of it is the uncertainty of what we will find out.

Firearms Transfer Rules Update

Whether it is at your retirement or your death, an often overlooked issue can cause many problems. Whether you have two firearms or 20+, there is a process to transfer them to another person. I know you are fully aware

Have Your Beneficiaries Been Updated Lately?

There are various reasons why your listed beneficiaries might not fit your current intentions. It can also prove costly because of circumstances beyond your control.


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