Who is Comprehensive Benefits of America?

Comprehensive Benefits of America (CBA), LLC, is a social enterprise that helps Americans build, protect, and preserve their legacy with support, tools, and resources. Working-class Americans can now elevate their standard of living, increase their savings, live the American Dream, and pass it on to future generations.

How much does Comprehensive Benefits of America cost?

For a limited time, your membership is free!

What kind of memberships does Comprehensive Benefits of America offer?

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What kind of products and services do Comprehensive Benefits of America offer?

CBA offers access to Financial, Insurance, Security, and Estate Planning benefits.

Does CBA offer legal, financial, insurance, or other professional advice?

No. CBA is not a law firm, financial advisory firm, insurance company, or agency and does not provide professional advice. Estate plan documents offered on the CBA website are for self-help use only, and CBA does not provide any legal advice regarding the purchase or use of the legal documents. Please carefully read and agree to the full disclosures and disclaimers.

What kind of software do Comprehensive Benefits of America Providers utilize?

When you sign up for membership, you can access the Empower Financial Organizer. Empower gives our customers a comprehensive overview of their financial wellness – savings, checking, retirement accounts, and bills.

How do you choose Plan providers and Plan products?

Each CBA provider and offered product or service is carefully screened to ensure it provides you with benefits that enhance your overall legacy preservation and financial wellness. Each provider must comply with rigid standards of member service and outcomes and is subject to removal from the Plan for any violation.

Will Comprehensive Benefits of America share my personal details with anyone?

No. CBA values your privacy as much as you do and will never share your details without your approval. It is understood that you may choose to share information with any CBA partners and may request that we do so on your behalf.

What if a family member or I have unanswered questions on the website?

As always, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

How do I contact Comprehensive Benefits of America directly?

Contact us, chat with us from our web pages, or use our contact forms, and we will promptly respond to all your inquiries.


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