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Incentive financial organizer is provided by eMoney Advisor, LLC, and is independent and not affiliated with Comprehensive Benefits of America, LLC (CBA).
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Personal Financial App

To get ahead and stay ahead, we need to get organized. We bring everything to one place. All your accounts, every bill, every piece of your financial life into one easy-to-understand place.

Track Your Spending

Tracking your home expenses is a vital step in taking control of your financial freedom. Daily spending adds up and now you can record as you go and tag each category. Keeping track is the first step to being organized!

Safe & Secure

There is nothing more important than keeping your financial data secure and protecting your privacy. We use multiple levels of sophisticated security measures to ensure your accounts are safe. CBA provides you with the latest in encryption and enhanced two-step identification for our financial organizer app.

Virtual Education Events

Stay tuned for regular webinars, videos, and special events. Some will be on financial topics, others will be on education, and others just for your enjoyment.

Create Money Challenges

Set goals and challenges to pay off debt, increase savings, and save for retirement

Estate Planning Organizer

When you lose a loved one, it’s always too soon. If you do not leave a plan, your loved ones will inherit an expensive mess.

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