Disability Insurance


What is Disability Insurance?  

Imagine if you were unable to work for months. Who would pay the overhead?  Who would pay your lost income? Your business would collapse. Your family would be in crisis. You can and must protect against such an occurrence. According to the Council for Disability Awareness, one in four people entering the workforce today will be disabled and off the job for an average of 34.6 months. Think of losing three years of work and pay and income for your business. Fortunately all that can be covered with the right insurance policy.

Income Coverage

This coverage replaces your lost income while you are disabled. Consider your entire household expenses, from mortgage and car payment to tuition, food, utilities and mobile phone. All of the essentials must be paid when you have no income coming in. Your policy will cover it.

Overhead Coverage

This coverage takes care of your business rent, employee salaries, equipment, benefits, leases, utilities, act.


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