Health Insurance

What is the Solution to Health Insurance? 

Achieve "insurance independence."  It is time to get out of the health care insurance business. You decide a dollar amount to give each employee each month, and we take care of the rest. Remove the obstacles that prevent your employees from being in control of their health care.

Group insurance is now obsolete. But most companies did not get the memo. One insurance company no longer fits every person. When employees choose the insurance company that fits them, it is less expensive. That means employers save an average of 36% of its current group insurance plan cost. And employees actually have a plan that works for them when they need it. 

Could it get better than this? It does!

CBA partner Gravie stays on as an unpaid concierge for the life of the health insurance coverage to assist employees with any provider or billing disputes. You get happy and well served employees. And Gravie collects and handles all premium payments. An HR dream. Everyone wins.

That is just better business sense. 

Disclosure: CBA is a social enterprise that receives affiliate or broker commissions from companies that provide financial wellness products and services and other benefit programs to our members. A minimum of 10% of all CBA profits are directed to youth education initiatives.

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