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Gravie helps people achieve "insurance independence." This means, with their help, you choose and buy your own health insurance, and manage all things health-related in one spot. And it’s free!

Get help shopping for health insurance plans that fit your needs. So no more one-size-fits-all plan picked by your employer. Now you get a plan picked by you, for you. (With Gravies help, of course.)

Gravie works for you, not for your employer, union, insurance company or the government. They will help you sort through the endless options and explain it all to you!

First, you tell us about yourself and what you're looking for.

We ask questions about your healthcare habits and help you think about the features you need and want in your plan. Next, we check if you're eligible for tax credits and/or money from your employer.

Based on certain factors, like household income and family size, some people qualify for government tax credits that will lower your monthly payment. We find out if you’re eligible, and if you are, help you apply. We’ll also figure out how much money you’re getting from your employer. We give you options and help you choose.

Whether you want an entirely new plan or something similar to what you currently have, we help you narrow your options and make a smart choice.


You tell us how you want to pay. Then we take care of the rest.

If you’re getting money from your employer, we’ll even work that into the equation so that as little cash as possible comes out of your wallet every month. It is that easy!

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