Your Legacy Blueprint

Building Your Legacy

Build your legacy with tools to organize your finances, track how and when your money is spent, invest regularly, bank responsibly, repair credit, consolidate debt and save on taxes. Take control of your financial life and start building wealth today!

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Protecting Your Legacy

Protect your legacy against identity theft, keep your desktop, personal data and financial savings safe from hackers, protect and securely store your passwords and automatically back up your data daily. Protect against unforeseen events with disability, critical illness, dental, pets, and life insurance

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Preserving Your Legacy

Preserve your legacy for the next generation and beyond. Avoid Probate Court, protect the assets of your children and all your beneficiaries. learn about the ultimate life and estate plan in 10 easy steps - a Living Trust!

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CBA and Dreams for Kids

A Next-Generation Partnership! CBA is designed as a socially conscious company, in business to improve America's financial wellness and to provide opportunities for the next generation. Everyone wins! Dreams for Kids GCE Lab School cultivates a diverse community of students who use the city as a classroom to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to courageously take action locally and globally.

Dreams for Kids

Latest in Encryption



Nothing is more important than keeping your financial data secure and protecting your privacy. We use multiple levels of sophisticated security measures to ensure your accounts are safe. From the moment you register and in every visit and transaction, we employ the latest in biometric authentication technology, encryption, and fraud detection.  Learn more

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Are Your Assets Protected?

Asset protection is more important than ever before. Today, you have risks at every turn. Lawsuits, high cost of long-term care, auto, home accidents, years of Probate. Read More

Legal Capacity Consequences

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Financial Agents Importance

Every individual has the right to appoint an agent to make property, financial, personal, and health care decisions for that individual. Read More