Youth Enterprise Solutions (YES)

YES is a digital social entrepreneurship training curriculum for middle and high school-age youth. The YES curriculum drives student learning into the world through self-reflection, network building, and the development of academic, pre-professional, executive functioning, and non-cognitive skills. It is delivered using Classcraft’s innovative, award-winning gamified education platform.

Engagement Management System (think of it as an LMS powered by fun!). The experience is designed to motivate and connect students by turning their progress into a game they play together throughout their education.

Overview of YES curriculum

  • Lessons 1-3, introduce Entrepreneurship.
  • Is entrepreneurship for you?
  • How is social entrepreneurship different?
  • What must you know to build a business?
  • How do people work together?
  • Who are you as an individual and team member?


  • Lessons 4-8 present the Business Case. 
  • Managing your enterprise
  • Identifying your client
  • Marketing your enterprise
  • Selling your product or service


  • Lessons 8-10 is Making the Pitch.
  • Creating the 90-120 second video
  • Communicate your mission and vision
  • Market, competition, marketing, sales, projections

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Disclosure: CBA is a social enterprise that receives affiliate or broker commissions from companies that provide financial wellness products and services and other benefit programs to our members. A minimum of 10% of all CBA profits are directed to youth education initiatives.


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